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Okay, getting bit five minutes after I wake up is a BIT MUCH! On my HAND no less.

I'm going to start putting on DEET as a perfume in the mornings now.

Someone reminded me that they didn't do the aerial bugspraying like they did last year.

I have a friend who once told me she mostly remembered me (pictured me in her mind) by my hair. I thought it was an interesting comment at the time, and wondered if it would be confusing to her if I changed my hair significantly. As she has seen me through many hairdos and still knew it was me I didn't think too much more on it.

On the other hand I know the impact of hair on identification, at least initial. I have worn costumes with wigs that have caused people (who haven't seen me frequently) to not recognize me ("I thought I met two Mishas at this party!").

I have a tendency to not notice people I know in Boston know eachother, so I am considering arranging a meetup at a club or bar or something. Any recommendations?

Also, my husband is coming along too but I have to right-click to do it. Bah.

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Date: 2007-09-01 04:36 pm (UTC)
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Joel has spent lots of time researching high quality DEET alternatives (since DEET is smelly and eats through all the plastic it comes in contact with). He says that picaridin, which is in Cutter Advanced, is considered the best alternative. It smells a little bit like muffins at first, but the smell goes away quickly. It lasts a little less long than DEET does, but doesn't have the plastic eating problem either.


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