Aug. 31st, 2007

auntiemisha: (vampire willow)
Okay, getting bit five minutes after I wake up is a BIT MUCH! On my HAND no less.

I'm going to start putting on DEET as a perfume in the mornings now.

Someone reminded me that they didn't do the aerial bugspraying like they did last year.

I have a friend who once told me she mostly remembered me (pictured me in her mind) by my hair. I thought it was an interesting comment at the time, and wondered if it would be confusing to her if I changed my hair significantly. As she has seen me through many hairdos and still knew it was me I didn't think too much more on it.

On the other hand I know the impact of hair on identification, at least initial. I have worn costumes with wigs that have caused people (who haven't seen me frequently) to not recognize me ("I thought I met two Mishas at this party!").

I have a tendency to not notice people I know in Boston know eachother, so I am considering arranging a meetup at a club or bar or something. Any recommendations?

Also, my husband is coming along too but I have to right-click to do it. Bah.

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